Some Boys Just Need Sissy Training

Sissy Training

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Let’s face it. At the end of the day there’s no denying that there are just men out there who can’t measure up, Those men need sissy training. By measuring up you know that I mean you have no dick, right? Occasionally I’ll talk to a sissy training victim- I mean… playmate that gets a little indignant when it comes up that he wants to wear panties and suck the big dicks out there because he knows that he’s a little shrimp dick. I don’t understand how you can get pissed off about that honestly.

When it comes to sissy training I take my responsibility in making sure you turn into the best cock sucking loser fag you can be. And in return all I want is a little intellectual honesty. Now I want you to look down in between your legs right now. Take a good long hard look at the weapon of ass destruction you’re packing. Could you honestly say that it’s a big one? No. It’s not average if it’s under five inches. It’s not even close. And even if you did pop in there at five and a half no one really wants the bottom end of normal. Real women want real cocks. That’s why you want to be close to them any way you can.

During our sissy training I’m going to make sure that you can accept that you have no dick and that no woman in her right mind is ever going to want to fuck you. Ever. My sissy training technique isn’t going to be gently though. I’m going to beat you into shape and make sure that you can service the big dicks just the way you’ve always wanted. The fact of the matter is that you need a big cock in you.

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Get ready To Smoke The Pole Forced Bisexuality


Forced Bisexuality

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Let’s face it, this sissy training is only heading one place. Forced Bisexuality is where it’s at. And there’s nothing I like more than taking some sissy girl I made out on the town. Sure they get some stares sometimes and who wouldn’t? You’re a little bitch now and the real men out there, the horndogs and the guys who just want a piece no matter what it looks like all see it too. I can promise you you’ll be in a truck stop rest room in no time. I’ll have you down on your knees and ready to show the world your pantied ass, your lipsticked lips. And that drooling fuckhole you call a mouth. And yes, it’ll be drooling.


Your forced bisexuality experience isn’t going to end there either. When you’re drooling all over some beefy redneck’s sweaty cock and balls and you are choking in the smell of his man musk you’ll have me to look at. Me to tell you that this is your job and the only way that you’d ever be able to really keep me pleased is by going out and serving me like a whore. A literal whore. Hell, I’ll bet that your forced bisexuality won’t even end there. Maybe if you’re really good and slutty one of those big boys will show you his meat the right way.


Will he bend you over and fuck your little boy pussy while you beg for him to give you his load like a slut? I’ll bet you will I’ll make them feed you load after sticky gooey load. You’ll be drowned in cum and you’ll not even know what to do. I’ll have you wrapped around my forced bisexuality inducing finger in no time. You’re going to be a filthy little cum whore.

Deviant Donna: Forced Bisexuality
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Forced Feminization By A Strict Mistress

Forced Feminization

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Forced feminization isn’t a subtle art. It’s not. I’m not going to treat you nicely while I get into your head and fuck with your mind. Forced feminization is a science. See, there are guys out there. Sometimes you even know who you are. But there are guys out there right now in the world who want a girl to MAKE them be a slutty bitch. You want to be taken down off of this pedestal of masculinity and you want to have me take you literally by the balls and pull you down a path of bitchdom. Don’t fret, I’ll be right there with you. Your angel and tormentor.


I’m going to strip you down out of your clothes as well as your pride. I’m going to guide you through every stroke. When my voice commands it you’ll learn to obey or the punishment will be swift and brutal. My forced feminization training isn’t for the faint of heart but it is effective. At the crack of my whip you’ll learn how to walk, talk, and act more like the crossdressing sissy queer you truly desire to be. When I call you’ll come or cum like the obedient slut dog you are and you’ll thank me for it. Your forced feminization will start to feel more and more like what you are meant to be doing. If it feels more natural for you to wear your stripper heels and you’re pretty bows after awhile don’t be surprise. There are some men in this world who were better suited from the get go to be under the control and in the forced feminization training of a woman who know what you are for. Those frilly panties will soon be replaced by hot thongs. You’re going to be a sexy whore.

Sophia: Forced feminization
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Sissy Training Phonesex For Pantywaist Losers

Sissy Training Phonesex

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hidden from the world. Though I do understand why you would. What would your friends say if they knew that you wanted to have a lot of pairs of panties all around? Moreover, these aren’t panties from some sexual conquest. They are your panties. You want to slide them on your smooth freshly shaven legs and you want to be a little sissy training phonesex bitch.


Anyone who tells you that it’s normal to want to be a girl especially when you’re a hairy gross guy is wrong. but it is important to know though that you aren’t on your own. There are lots of loser boys like you who wish they could be a pretty girl like me and I have decided that it is a good goal for me to get into sissy training so that as many of you as I can get a hold of can understand what it means to be a sissy. I will have you ready in a matter of a few hot calls to wear those panties you’ve been hiding from your girlfriend or wife proudly. You’ll love the way those silky panties feel bunched up all around your cock and balls.


Don’t worry, you’ll be taught how to wear your make up and I’ll make sure I pick lots of pretty pink skirts and stockings for you to wear too. You’ll be a perfectly dolled up little sissyboy by the time I’m done with you and you’ll be so thankful for your sissy training phonesex that you’ll do whatever I say for me. I know that you will. Even sucking the cock? We’ll have to see about that.

MzEmily: sissy training Phonesex
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Sissy Cum in your Pink Panties for ME

Sissy Cum in your Pink PantiesCome on Sissy, stroke those silky pink panties with your hand very gently then cup your hand around your girly balls through your pink panties and the base of your dick. Holding it steady with that hand, gently roll the fingers of the other hand on your throbbing dick.

Do this for a few minutes then grip it with your fingertips and gently massage it using different angles. Sissy, remember, keep your dick in your panties!

While doing this keep looking at my pictures chanting a mantra to your Princess knowing you are building up a big load for me. I want you to report your mantra to me when you are finished.

Pour some lotion on your hand or lube, I prefer astroglide but as you are hiding your asturbation lessons you might have to settle for hand lotion. Pull your sissy wee wee out of your pink panties. Chant  “No body teases my cock like Courtney…”

Tighten and release your grip a few times until you find the perfect pressure then begin to move your hand slowly back and forth.

I want you mesmerized by my beautiful ass, tits, legs and mouth by now you should be beginning to breathe fast. Chant  “No body teases my cock like Courtney…”

Stare into my eyes sissy boy. Feel the soft silky pink panties wrapped around your ass.

Relax and feel the magic effect of jerking off for your princess. You knwo I own your cock. Stroke…Stroke…Stroke

Grip tighter, stroke faster. Chant  “No body teases my cock like Courtney…” Don’t stop now. Give me what is mine.

It is time to shoot your cream for me. “No body teases my cock like Courtney…”

Pump it all out for me.  Make a dirty mess in your pink panties for your princess.

Cuckolding by the Naughty Minister’s Wife

ministerswifeFeeling guilty? Need to confess? Like to role-play? Tell me, the XXX minister’s wife.

Prim and proper, religious women seem. But look underneath, and wet we’ll be!
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My name is Ruth. I came from a conservative religious background where sex was “EVIL” in almost every case. My husband is a minister. He has a low sexual appetite, and is always completely vanilla. So I was forced to cuckold him. He soon realized what I was, and submits to being not good enough for me.

I consider myself bi, because I like pussy almost as much as cock.

I love to fantasize or role play into scenarios involving pious souls not being all that pious. Let me tell you more about my adventures… I also enjoy helping a guy with a quick call if that is what he wants. I just enjoy doing calls, and most guys find me very comfortable to talk with. (Must be from all that practice as a minister’s wife!) Plus, I just plain love a good cock.

Earn the Right to Sniff my Panties

sniff my panties sissyYou better beg better than that! just because you are submissive and I’m a mistress doesn’t mean I’m going to let you sniff my panties. You have to earn the right to sniff my panties. What have you done for me lately. Lots of guys call up and they think they just automatically get to be panty sniffers. They think they to get to get on their knees and shove their nose in my crotch, my ass and sniff my panties! Is it just me or is assuming you get to sniff my panties a little bit ridiculous.


Yes, I’m a mistress that does panty torture, which is exactly that torture. You’re going to have to perform all kinds of stupid pet tricks to be able to sniff my panties. We might talk about you smoking my panties that doesn’t mean you’re going to do it. Just because we talked about it does not mean you have earned it. It doesn’t mean you can have the right to get on your knees and stick your nose in my crotch. You would not be calling me if you didn’t know my crotch was special! You have to offer me something more  than a 1.99 per minute because guess what? Every other panty sniffing boy out their calls and he does the same thing, begs to sniff my panties. He pays 1.99 a minute just for the honor of talking to me that doesn’t mean I’m going to allow him to sniff my panties real or imagined just because he’s paying me. You have to prove you’re good and worthy slave to get to do that and let me tell you that is no easy feat. I’ve turned down better slaves than you.


So when you call me be prepared to prove your worth. Not every slave is going to be worthy to sniff my panties. It doesn’t work that way. I know this because I do have discretion as to who gets the goodies. To be prepared to serve me and anyway I desire if you hope to get on your knees before me and pit your nose in my crotch.


Panty Thieves in our Midst

panty thieves in our midstThe most pathetic sissy boys are the panty thieves. You know, the  ones you can’t trust around your dirty laundry because your panties will go mysteriously missing. When you do find them you will either find them being sniffed or licked by the addicted panty thief! Even worse you might find him wearing them on his head hurt their head. The most pathetic of the bunch will be wearing them over their own little dick, perhaps they have it right because they do not belong in real man underwear!


You cannot take a panty thief anywhere with you if you want to avoid embarrassment. Don’t take them to visit your family or your friends unless you intend to watch your slave every single moment. Rest assured he will be stealing their panties if left to their own devices. Panty thieves are not picky about their panties. Panty thieves are not faithful to one womans panties.  They do not have to be your panties they can be anyone’s panties. God forbid you take them to the laundromat! They’re liable to get caught embarrass you


Because they are so pathetic and so addicted to panties it really makes it easy to separate them from their atm card. One a sissy has those panties they can’t resist them.  Exploiting them is a piece of cake. I love back blackmailing panty thieves, they make it easy to drain their wallets quickly by threatening the talk and share the evidence as it is always in their hot little hands! When you take one to a friends house for dinner and they vanish to the bathroom,  you know what they’re doing! When confronted with the evidence panty thieves will handover the credit card with little or no argument. They may try to deny it but when push comes to shove you will get that credit card because we know and they know we know!

Pathetic Sissy Boy Denial

Sissy Cum in your Pink PantiesI know why you call for small dick humiliation. I know all of your secrets. Your dirty little nasty private desires is out and I know you are frightened that I might tell not only my girlfriends but perhaps I might even blackmail you! You have to keep your nasty private desires at all costs and you know I know you are willing to pay to keep me from telling your friends, family and co-workers heck I may just post it on my website for the world to see! You know what the truly sad part is: even with this knowledge you keep calling me for small dick humiliation and telling me all of your dirty little nasty private desires begging me to turn you into my sweet tiny cocked boy salve. It gives you a raging erection knowing you might be exposed by me to all of my girlfriends.  I know you cannot stop yourself because I own you.  You are my slave.  You hang on every insult to your tiny cock. I have held your hand(the one that wasn’t holding nasty little dickie) through the shame and torment of finally admitting what a pathetic sissy boy you are and always have been.  I have talked you through the cycles of denial. You know when you throw away those dresses, dongs and all of your makeup to try to deny being a pathetic sissy boy. I have taken the time to prepare you not only to face the truth  but embrace it.


Yeah, you thought I forgot about those bad old days, didn’t you?  The times you became weak and gave into your dark desires. The secret perverted buying sprees that you stocked up on big plastic dicks, whore makeup, tons of lacy girly panties, dresses and skirts to make yourself into apathetic sissy boy. It was a logical decision, right? What else pathetic sissy boy with no cock do? After we got you all made up the mirror was your best friend you could not resist staring at the nasty little cock loving bitch looking back at you loved the result and took lots and lots of photos.  I still have all of them.Ready to go if you ever disobey. You were such a good pathetic sissy boy that day! You performed like a real whore.  Just the kind of whore you fantasized about being every time your dicklet got hard. You finally knew your place as a pathetic sissy boy and were proud of it.  You came into yourself when you were dressed out. You were at ease with the dirty whore and ready to finally shed the pathetic sissy boy and be the cock hungry girl you really are. But then, you did it, you spooged!  You made a slimy mess in your in your brand new girly duds and the shame rushed in!  You looked in the mirror and saw again the pathetic sissy boy you are instead of the cock loving slut and began cry messing up all your pretty makeup.  You cried so much that by the time you were done you looked like one of those used up whores  who should have retired long ago on the stroll with their day old cum smeared lipstick, eyeliner and cracked makeup..


I thought it was the perfect for a pathetic sissy boy like you and got excited by you, finally and got  the huge strap on out of the closet. The one that is double ended so I could get off while I took your ass. It really turned me on to think about a real man with a huge dick busting your ass virginity for the first time.  I needed to fuck you.  I anticipate the first time you take a real cock in your ass and feel it jerking as he dumps his load in you like a real whore. I wasted no time lubing it up and putting you on your knees before me..


You took my gigantic pink double ended dong like a brave girl in your tight little asshole and made a mess on the floor without me or you ever touching your dick. After your initial moans of pain and tears at the searing  pain of being fucked in the ass, you started backing up on my dick like a good girl. I fucked that tight ass until it was gaping and you were in a puddle all over the floor. Your small dick humiliation would not have been complete had I not made you lick up all your hot, freshly spooged man goo telling you, “My what a big puddle of man goo  you made with such a teenie weenie.”


But again the shame ate at your panty boy heart and forced you hand. You angain took all your nasty girl gear into a trash bag promising yourself that you would never be that much of a pathetic sissy boy and do that again. You swore to yourself you were done being  cum guzzling slut and that you really were not a wannabe fag.

That lasts only until the next time that tiny little dick of yours tries to poke out it’s head and wants to play. Then you whip that credit card back out and prove once again what a pathetic sissy boy you are. Then you call me back up to get your small cock phone sex on!

Female Domination Phonesex with Lady Kate

Sometimes a naughty female domination phonesex sissy bitch will get bent over my knee and a big plastic cock inserted in his tight little assholeMany of my female domination phonesex clients who do not realize they already practice strapon sex often call me to ask , “What is pegging?” I always giggle when they ask because they already know! The little bitch boys are calling my female domination phonesex line which proves they already practice it.Seriously now, on of the main things I advertise for is all manner of anal play.


They call my female domination phonesex line because of the list of  “interests,” I have.  The two most relevant to strapon sex or anal pegging are anal play and strapon sex, which both happen to actually be forms of strapon sex.  Pegging  has a definition anyone can understand, all it means is female to male anal sex which can be just about you want to put in your bitch boys asshole. All you need is me and your ass. Trust me, I like all of those forms of pegging. Call my female domination phonesex line and see just how creative I can get with your behind.


I have a a few bitch boys who really enjoy medical fetish play and that makes for all kinds of strapon sex good times. The most common being sliding the latex gloves on to my hands and greasing them up. You know know what you might get be it wrist or the long elbow length gloves. I will leave that to my discretion based on your desires, level of training and what I feel like doing to your ass.Roll out the gynecology  table and we are ready to rock and roll. I promise great fun and intense orgasms. I can even make it real for you during female domination phonesex.


I think I get off the mentally when I know you are feeling as helpless and vulnerable as I can make you feel but you know what is even more fun for me?>  When I make you beg for it.  When I make you beg for your humiliation telling me every nasty detail of what you want done. But wait, see, you have to convince me.  Not only do you have to beg me for it, tell me how much you want it but tell me how much you like it.  How hard it makes you. The true humiliation is admitting what a sick little slave boy you are by begging to be degraded like a piece of brainless fuck meat. When I have you do that, when I know you have reached your lowest point, it really gets me off. What a mind fuck that is, then again, isn’t that what you call me for?


Sometimes a naughty female domination phonesex sissy bitch will get bent over my knee and a big plastic cock inserted in his tight little asshole. That plastic cock will have a nice wide base for my paddle. Then he will get paddled, thus getting fucked in the assby my paddle and spanked. It is fun to watch the pain and pleasure blend on their face while I fuck them in the ass with my paddle. I squeeze their cocks tightly between my legs(if their dick is big enough), Si in addition my legs are jerking them off as they writhe. They always make a gooey mess from this wicked punishment, rest assured they all clean it up happily with their mouths.


The hands down favorite during female domination phonesex is when literally I pull out the big  guns, holster and all) and strap on my eight inchdick.  No sissy bitch boy will ever get fucked in the ass by me with less than eight inches buried in their asshole. It is an honor to get fucked in the ass by me so do not expect me to go small. I do not fuck tiny cocks and I do not fuck with tiny cocks. Know that when I am done fuckling you in the ass you will be gaping. I will spit in your hole when I am all down just do you can feel how loose your man pussy is.


Sometimes domination anal play is simply prostate manipulation with my latex clad fingers or with a toy. I truly understand some slaves are not as debauched as others.I have all kinds of interesting ways to stimulate prostates during female domination phonesex. I bet you cannot come up with an idea I had not already thought of. If you think you can, call me up, let’s try it. I dare you!


All strapon sex really amounts to is, is me deciding I want to  to fuck you in the ass. If you beg really nice I might do it and if you cry really pretty for me while I fuck you in your tight little ass, I might do it again. I know, you are probably sitting over there in the dark, hiding from your wife jerking your cock as you read this. I bet you are beating it furiously as  you read these words just imagining me pounding you in the shit hole. Why not pick up that phone for female domination phonesex and find out just how much more humiliating and demeaning it can be when you are not all by yourself and being instructed in real time by a female domination phonesex mistress. It is audio porn of the freakiest kind. All you have to do is get the courage to dial…